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The objective of our company is to provide a wide range of high-quality services to relieve our clients and partners of unnecessary secondary concerns. Olucha Taxi service is willing to offer your company the most favorable professional services. An individual approach, flexible price policy, bonus and discount systems – this is what we’re offering you. At the moment, we provide corporate services for the following companies: T-Cell, BDO Consulting, Babilon-M, Radio Ozodi, Doctors Without Borders, Saferworld, TGEM, Yovar supermarket, Auchan supermarket, Paykar supermarket and many others.

корпоративным клиентам такси в Душанбе Таджикистан

By addressing Olucha Taxi, you can not only call a car for rides around Dushanbe, nearby cities and districts, but also take advantage of other services offered by our specialists, including:

Transportation of employees. It is one of the most demanded services in the passenger transportation market. Therefore, today companies and enterprises in Tajikistan more and more often turn to taxi companies for this service. Olucha Taxi company offers corporate transportation of employees, managers, and company management in comfortable cars. From now on, you don’t have to spend your financial resources on acquiring cars, maintenance and sanitary treatment, documentation, selection of an appropriate driver, which requires the provision of suitable working conditions, and many other troubles. Our taxi service takes over this burden and undertakes risks, and the only thing left for you is to simply do your business.

Our service is available around the clock. We offer morning, afternoon, evening and night transportation depending on the work schedule. Transportation of passengers in Dushanbe is the most effective tool that can make your business more cost-effective with the minimum financial investment.

Prompt delivery of employees will allow you to comply with the company’s timetable. After all, saving time in the northern capital is an important point, which everyone who is interested in developing own business should pay attention to.

The services we provide include:

  • corporate transportation of employees;
  • delivery of employees working on different shifts;
  • transportation for corporate holidays;
  • transportation of employees to hotels, restaurants, offices and business centers;
  • transportation of workers, laborers and employees to construction sites;
  • delivery of employees of supermarkets, shops and shopping centers;
  • delivery of staff working at budgetary-financed organizations and government agencies;
  • work-related delivery of workers to enterprises and industries;
  • individual rides for bosses and company management.

Delivery (by courier). The “courier delivery by taxi” service is very popular among the citizens of the metropolis. Olucha Taxi delivers parcels, packages, letters, documents and a lot of other things in Dushanbe or cities and districts of Tajikistan for a reasonable price. This is a very convenient service, for it saves clients from having to wait for a courier from a delivery service. It’s enough to just call a taxi by phone number, the car will arrive at the time specified in the order, and your package or parcel will be delivered to the day. The cost of the service is calculated according to urban transportation rates or flat rate plus the surcharge for courier delivery. Payment for this service is carried out at the first address, which is also very convenient, since you will be sure that the recipient will not pay anything extra for the gift or parcel sent by you. Sometimes, our clients are interested in what can be sent by taxi by courier delivery. Pretty much anything. You can send personal items, documents, gifts, and even food. In summer, when many parents send their children and grandparents to their dachas, you can send children’s toys, bicycles, and food by taxi. You don’t have to get time off work or take a day of unpaid leave. Our driver will deliver any package to the day. Courier delivery is a very popular service, since it is inexpensive, and its convenience goes without saying.

Meeting at the airport. It is one of the additional services provided by Olucha Taxi employees. Instead of looking for a suitable car for a long time and waiting for a driver, take advantage of the “airport pick-up service” with a nameplate. Upon arrival at the airport, you will not have to deal with any issues, since we will discuss the meeting in advance, and you will know how you will get to the capital. If friends, relatives, colleagues come to you, and you do not have time to meet them at the airport, a taxi provided by our company with an experienced driver will arrive at the necessary terminal as soon as possible. An employee of our service will meet passengers in the building and help them with luggage.

Meeting at the airport provides for comfortable travel around the city in a clean and dodged-up car chosen by the client, and for arrival at the destination without delay.

When ordering the service of meeting at the airport by taxi, you choose a comfortable and quick way to travel from the airport to the desired point. The driver will provide high-quality service and make sure that the ride is as safe and pleasant as possible for passengers.

Designated driver. If for some reason your employees cannot or don’t want to get behind the wheel of a car, but it is necessary to drive the car from one place to another, contact Olu4a Taxi for help: an experienced driver will arrive at the specified address as quickly as possible and carry out the drive.

Cases when the owner of a car is temporarily unable to drive it are pretty common. Such cases include alcoholic intoxication after a fun holiday, fatigue, an abrupt deterioration of health, or emotional stress, when you just want to sit and calm down while someone else is driving.

The advantages of such assistance are obvious: there is no need to call a taxi and leave the car in a remote area of the city, worry about the safety of movable property, and the next day spend time and money on a taxi to pick up the car. Save yourself the trouble in advance and call Olucha Taxi, and your car will be transported to the parking lot in a safe and usual spot.

Advertising. For legal entities, we also offer advertising of their goods and services by sticking advertising oracals on the rear doors of our cars, SMS Bulk Delivery, playing audio podcasts inside the interior of our cars, distributing booklets and other printing materials. These are highly efficient and simple-to-learn types of advertising campaigns.

Evacuation services. We offer qualified services for the transportation of cars and motorcycles to any distance. Our professional and good-faith drivers will deliver your car to your destination accurately and on time. We carry out loading of any complexity (without a wheel, one or more wheels are blocked, there is no tow-hook and other nuances). We will carefully pull your car out of a ditch, snowdrift and other unpleasant situations. We are available around the clock; any form of payment is accessible.

Service station. If you own a Hyundai car, you can take advantage of our service. Highly qualified specialists are not only ready to fix breakdowns, but also to carry out a scheduled technical inspection.

In addition to all that, we have a car wash, where you can either carry out a clear-out of the car, or simply wash the body or interior. We always welcome new clients and we aim at long-term cooperation!