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Кадами Курбон ва Малика Олу4а таксиро интихоб мекунанд
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Happy Birthday to the head of Olu4a Taxi!
“Cherry action” from Olu4a Taxi
Evening program “Gulbongi Roh” with Olu4a Taxi on TMT
Olu4a Taxi поздравляет с праздником Навруз!
The girl reads a poem about “Olu4a Taxi”
Olu4a Taxi on TMT channel
New Dushanbe & Olu4a Taxi
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Olu4a Taxi promotion on March 8
Incendiary mini-karaoke from “Olu4a”
Dushanbe residents answer the question #whyolu4a​?
“Olucha Taxi” – happy prosperity!
Olu4a Taxi promotion for beautiful women in Dushanbe 💐
Surprise for beautiful Olu4a Taxi passengers on March 8 🌸