Olu4a taxi

About company

Olucha Taxi is a young and promising company, which in a fairly short period managed to become one of the leaders among competitors that offer taxi services, and that doesn’t happen by accident. A friendly and cohesive team devotes itself to meeting the needs of our clients. We started our activities in 2017 and our first clients know us as Vishnevoe (Cherry) Taxi. This is due to the brand colors chosen by our company that are rich red, which is the symbol of cherry, and black, which gives luxury and emphasizes elegance.

Logo Olucha taxi - olu4aOOO Olucha Avto was one of the first on the market that offered transportation in Dushanbe and the nearest neighborhood of Tajikistan. We pay maximum attention to the comfort of our passengers, therefore we keep our fleet of about 1000 Hyundai cars in perfect condition. All of our cars are of 2018 year of manufacture and younger, and quite recently we have got models of the comfort class released by the brand in 2021. Thanks to this approach, during every trip we ensure:

  • Safety.
  • Reliability.
  • Comfort.
  • Convenience.
  • Affordable for everyone pricing, despite the remoteness of the destination and the number of passengers.
  • 24/7 availability regardless of holidays, weekends, weather and any other circumstances.

Responsible approach

Choosing us, you first of all choose safety. After all, each car has all the necessary modern means of communication and monitoring, allowing you to control the condition of the vehicle both on the road and as a whole. In addition to this, we insure our cars, which means that any emergency situation will end positively in any case.

Owing to the work of our own service center, any malfunctions are nipped in the bud, because our cars regularly undergo maintenance. We also have our own sanitary service that checks for cleanliness before starting work, which means you can be sure that our cars shine clean.

Client-oriented approach

We aim at long-term and productive cooperation and offer services to both individuals and corporate clients, arranging, for example, the transportation or collection of employees after work or before it.

The services available to all clients include:

  • Rides at any time.
  • Transfer from/to the airport, railway station, bus station, with the possibility of providing a car at the exact time specified by the client.
  • Transportation of small freight from point A to point B
  • Placement of your advertisements by affixing inscriptions on the rear doors, as well as distribution of brochures, business cards, etc.

But there is more, we went further and developed a mobile application specially for you, which can be downloaded absolutely for free in the AppStore or PlayMarket. When you install the application, you automatically get prerogatives. So, when you order a taxi more than 30 times by means of the application, you automatically receive the status of a gold client, which means that you are provided with the best cars, the service time is noticeably reduced, and bonuses are accumulated that can later be spent on paying for the ride in the absence of money.

You can also call a taxi by simply calling our call center at 7000. For the sake of convenience, we provide information in one of 3 languages (English, Tajik, or Russian). If necessary, you can order a car using the most popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber etc.


Our work is distinguished by honesty and transparency. If you want to know the latest news of Olucha Taxi, subscribe to our pages on such social networks as Instagram, VK, Facebook, Ok, Youtube.

If you have any questions about our work, join the online chat, write to us by e-mail, or simply fill out the feedback form. Our managers will promptly process the request and address any issue.


If you want to work in a prestigious, modern and rapidly developing company, as well as to have a moderate but constant income, then we offer you to become a driver of Olucha Taxi. We offer cars in installments (credit) for a period of 4 years with the condition of subsequent purchase. A friendly staff, opportunities for income growth and a progressive team are waiting for you.