Olu4a taxi


Olucha Taxi offers companies and entrepreneurs profitable and highly liquid advertising platforms for placing their ads in order to get special traffic from specific potential clients and therefore increase their business growth.

We offer the following advertising platforms:

1. Sticking advertising materials on the rear doors of our cars. Both rear doors of our passenger cars are about 2 square meters and the price for sticking on both rear doors is calculated per month. This type of advertising is tax-free, in contrast to outdoor advertising (banner advertising). In our fleet of taxis, there are about 1000 newest and attractive cars operating in the territory of Dushanbe and adjacent cities, and districts of the capital of Tajikistan, where the population is quite large. We use oracal as the adhesive material, and its operational life can reach 1 year or more without being damaged. Our cars are kept clean, which is a guarantee of high attractiveness and return ratio for your ad.

2. Placement of advertising materials in the interior of the car. As a place for placement, we offer using the back of the headrests, where you can stick your advertising materials; you can also place printed materials (booklets, leaflets, magazines) on the back side of the front seats inside the passenger compartment. You can also stick your advertising materials on the torpedo of our vehicles. The uniqueness of this type of advertising is that it is suitable for announcements of promotions, sales, and seasonal advertising. It is also convenient because a potential client can take this type of advertising with him and distribute it among his acquaintances, and become the reason for the growth of word of mouth advertising.

3. Voice and audio advertising. On smartphones that are installed inside the interior of our vehicles, a welcome audio podcast is launched when clients board. After this welcome phrase we can play your promotional podcasts that our clients can hear and become your potential clients. The minimum order for this type of advertising is from 10 thousand spots.

4. SMS Bulk Delivery. We can send hundreds of thousands of SMS per month to our clients who have ordered a taxi through the call center or our application. We offer 2 types of SMS Bulk Delivery: messages consisting of 25 characters with a more affordable price and a special targeted messaging consisting of 70 Cyrillic characters.

For questions regarding advertising prices, please visit our website at https://olucha.tj/en/tariffs/ We can also consider the possibility of reciprocal payment regarding the issue of placement of advertisements. We offer special discounts for long-term and large-scale orders.

On issues regarding advertising you can contact us or write in messengers to (+992) 93 548 8000 or write to our e-mail address reklama@olucha.tj