Olu4a taxi

For drivers

Taking into account the growing demand in the market for the carriage of passengers and goods, the Olucha Taxi service is expanding the geography of its services in the cities and districts of Tajikistan, therefore it is constantly in need of professional experienced drivers. Our team has been on the passenger carriage market since 2017 and has already accumulated enough experience to share acquired skills and knowledge with you. By joining our team, you will not only provide yourself with a job, but also get the comfort and positive potential.

We offer flexible conditions of cooperation. Our fleet of taxis consists of the newest vehicles, so when you drive our cars you get a lot of pleasure. There is a service center on the territory of our office, where you can repair your Hyundai car if necessary, and in case of malfunction, replace defective parts only with branded spare parts. There is also a cleaning service center, where you will have your car washed at the lowest prices in a short time.

Drivers are provided with a special uniform, software (navigator) and other necessary means within the framework of the law and internal company regulations.

Our taxi service cooperates with financial institutions (AlifBank or Bank Eskhata) and offers cars in installments (credit) with an opportunity of the buyout within 4 years. We currently offer the latest 2021 Hyundai car models. The daily payment amount according to the installments is from 150 to 200 somoni, depending on a number of factors that are discussed individually.

Drivers who possess their own passenger cars manufactured in Europe, USA, South Korea or Japan aged 5 or younger can also cooperate with us and be part of our successful team consisting of thousands of chauffeurs/drivers.

The following individuals can apply for a job in our service regardless of gender and nation:

  1. Citizens of Tajikistan;
  2. Aged between 21 and 61;
  3. Driving experience from 3 years;
  4. Individuals who speak Tajik and Russian;
  5. With no criminal record;
  6. Physically and mentally healthy;
  7. With a favorable credit history;
  8. Financially able to pay part of the cost (up to 30%) of the car;
  9. Polite to other people;
  10. Those eager to work in our taxi service for a long time;
  11. Citizens who are loyal to the policy of the management of Olucha Taxi.

On the issue of Car Loan (installments) call to +992 93 185 7000