Olu4a taxi


Olucha Taxi, taking into account the market conditions, adheres to a fair price policy and provides standard rates for the population. For corporate clients, taking into account the specific nature of the need for our services, special rates are negotiated and agreed upon that take into account the value for money.


  1. Arrival at your location is free of charge (car delivery). Wait time of 5 minutes is free, and the next minutes are charged at the price of 0.6 somoni per minute. The first 3 kilometers after boarding are 10 somoni, and then the cost of each kilometer is 2.5 somoni per kilometer within the city of Dushanbe. Outside the capital of Tajikistan, for each kilometer, the cost of the ride is calculated at the price of 4 somoni per each kilometer;
  2. Transportation of corporate clients. We provide transportation services of any complexity for corporate clients on an ongoing basis. Forget about the complexities of maintaining your own vehicle fleet. Our service works as agreed.
  3. Transportation of pets. You only need to notify the dispatcher when ordering, and we will help you with the transportation of your favorite pets. The service costs only +8 somoni to the route;
  4. Designated driver. If the party has gone long, and you don’t want to ruin your holiday, our drivers will come to the rescue and drive your car to the desired address. The service costs from 50 somoni for the first 3 km, and the subsequent ones are charged at 2.5 somoni per each km. Wait time of 5 minutes is free, the subsequent minutes of waiting are charged at 60 diram per minute.
  5. Delivery (by courier). Delivery services are calculated at a price of +8 somoni to the route. But this cost also includes the price of the transportation service, depending on the driven kilometers. Delivery of goods from our partners is free.
  6. Prices for the evacuation of cars are calculated at a price of 150 somoni in the capital of Tajikistan and outside the city of Dushanbe are negotiated individually, depending on specific factors. The service is provided for people who have problems with their cars or other reasons.
  7. Meeting and transfer. Meeting at the airport, assistance in transferring luggage from the airport to the destination (hotel, office). Price is +25 somoni to the route. This amount does not include the transportation service, which is calculated on the basis of driven kilometers.
  8. Advertising. Sticking advertising oracals on both rear doors of 1 car costs starting from 370 somoni, but we can also negotiate individual prices for special clients. The price for SMS Bulk Delivery up to 20 characters starts from 3 dirams, up to 70 characters – from 5 dirams. Playing audio podcasts costs 20 diram for each playback.
  9. Maintenance. The cost of repairing Hyundai passenger vehicles is calculated depending on the complexity of the work and is negotiated individually.
  10. Car wash. For drivers of the company – 10 somoni and for residents of the city – 20 somoni.

We provide taxi services, and the best reward for us is satisfied clients who choose our taxi over and over again. We provide excellent service, free delivery and the best value for money. The cost of the ride is calculated by driven kilometers. On this page you can see the most popular rates, and besides that we can offer you an individual rate what fits for you.