Olu4a taxi

Olucha Taxi offers a wide range of services, and we are open to every client. There is no doubt that every citizen of the capital of Tajikistan uses taxi services, because sometimes there’s no alternative.

We offer you the best service in the city, services provided by professional drivers and chauffeur, clean and comfortable cars, punctuality and responsibility, which is a clear advantage. And the proof is a large number of regular clients who are completely satisfied with us, as well as the presence of major corporate partners such as T-Cell, BDO Consulting, Babilon-M, Radio Ozodi, Doctors Without Borders, Saferworld, TGEM, Yovar supermarket, Auchan supermarket, Paykar supermarket and many others.

More about the services available for our clients

In addition to default transportation, we offer a number of other services, among which our clients can choose an option that will satisfy their needs and desires.

Such services include:

  • Corporate transportation of employees, as well as transportation to the place of corporate holidays, individual rides for bosses and company management on the best cars;
  • Provision of a car for transporting pets in a special bag or cage, if you need to see a veterinarian, or you are going to leave the city and do not want to leave your pet alone at home.
  • Meeting at the airport, railway or bus station. An employee of Olucha Taxi will meet you or your family and friends, as well as your colleagues or business partners right at the airport building, will help them carry their luggage and deliver them to their destination in a comfortable setting without delay.
  • Delivery by courier. You ordered a parcel or received some goods, but there is simply no time and desire to go to the other end of the city or to distract from the daily routine? Or a company needs to deliver its parcels, packages, letters, documents and a lot of other things? Our drivers will pick up and deliver the goods intact and safe as soon as possible. We are also ready to arrange the delivery of flowers or cakes.
  • Designated driver. If for some reason you or employees of your company cannot or don’t want to get behind the wheel of a car, but it is necessary to drive the car from one place to another, contact Olu4a Taxi for help: an experienced driver will arrive at the specified address as quickly as possible and carry out the drive.
  • Evacuation services. If you got in trouble and your car went out of order, we are ready to evacuate it to the repair area.
  • Advertising of goods and services by sticking advertising oracals on the rear doors of our cars, SMS Bulk Delivery, playing audio podcasts inside the interior of our cars, distributing booklets and other printing materials.

As you can see from the listed above, we are not just a taxi service, we are also a multi-purpose service that can replace your own car or a corporate fleet of vehicles, eliminate a number of problems associated with maintaining cars (repair works, paying for insurance, finding a parking spot, expenses for fuel, washing, maintenance of garages for corporate cars, etc.). We are always glad to meet new clients, open to dialogue and provide the best conditions for cooperation. Remember that you can also call a taxi via our smartphone app.