Olu4a taxi

Draw of prizes from Olu4a taxi

Olu4a taxi service announces a draw of prizes in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan!

Winners will receive a tour to Antalya, the latest IPhone model, household appliances, TV, laptop, armchairs, vouchers to the best health resorts in Tajikistan, a bonus of 1000 somoni in the OluchaTaxi application and a lot of other things as prizes!

Anyone who calls a short number 7000 and orders a taxi as well as orders a car via the OluchaTaxi application can become a participant in the draw! The more taxi orders a client makes, the more participant ID numbers he receives, which means more chances to win the prizes.

Selection of winners will be carried out randomly by means of the lottery drum. The results of the draw will be announced on September 10 during a live broadcast on our official page facebook.com/olu4ataxi.

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