Olu4a taxi

Work as a driver in the “Olucha Taxi” service

We invite you !!! Working as a driver of the Olucha Taxi Service is not only profitable, but also prestigious, since our taxi company has only the newest and most comfortable cars, where thousands of experienced professionals and top experts work.

We offer flexible terms of cooperation to make it easy for you to work with us. There is a service center on the territory of the company, where you can repair your car, if necessary, without wasting time looking for masters, and also, in the event of a breakdown, replace defective parts only with branded spare parts. There is also a wedge service center, where at the lowest prices they will clean your car in a short time.

Drivers are provided with special uniforms, software (navigator), and other necessary means within the framework of the law and internal corporate regulatory procedures.

We often hold promotions and contests to improve the quality of the services provided!

Read more at https://olucha.tj/en/for-drivers/ or call: (+992) 93 837 4000