Olu4a taxi

I choose – GENESIS

Together with Lukoil, we launched a 45-day campaign “I choose – GENESIS” which will run from June 28 to August 11, 2021, within which a large number of gifts will be presented to the winners of this event, including a Dell laptop, Smart TV. 4K, vacuum cleaner and other valuable awards.

Within the framework of this campaign, more than a hundred drivers of the Olucha Taxi service receive GENESIS engine oil free of charge, and these drivers are recognized as the most responsible, active and, in a word, the best. You can hear the proof of this action in the audio advertisements that are currently running in the cars of the company, which customers hear while traveling. There are also stickers pasted on the rear windshield of our cars. In addition, we distribute to our customers discount coupons for the purchase of Luka oil in the representative offices of this company in Tajikistan (until December 31, 2021).

We are constantly making every effort to improve working conditions and increase the motivation of our drivers, and therefore to improve the quality of service to the population.

Take the opportunity and join the team of Olucha Taxi drivers. Being a driver in Olucha Taxi is a matter of pride, benefit and prestige!

In turn, we would like to thank the management of the Lukoil company, which in this market recognized and chose us as the best service among the taxi companies. Olucha Taxi management is making every effort to continue cooperation with this foreign company, and it is not the only one.